So many features, and really well priced.
A system to grow your business with, whether it's from 2 or 3 extensions to hundreds.


The IPLDK20 from LG-Ericsson offers a comprehensive set of communication features, yet also offer features only normally available on larger systems. The addition of advanced functionality, such as VoIP, Networking, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), USB connectivity, System DECT and more, makes this a solution enhancing the competitive edge of your business.

The stylish and innovative 7000 series digital handsets, available in Black or Ivory, successfully deliver the ergonomics and functionality you need for efficient business communications in your office at home and on the road.

Multi-Site Networking

As a member of LG-Ericsson's IPLDK range of systems, the common functionality and architecture allows the IPLDK 20 to seamlessly integrate in to a network of IPLDK systems, making it ideal not only as a stand-alone system, but also as a branch office system. Integrated voicemail and automated attendent comes as an additional option giving the professional edge you want to portray.

Modular Design

The IPLDK 20 can be customised by installing optional feature cards into the main cabinet, allowing the system to grow with your needs. Adding more extensions, lines or LAN interfaces is simple and cost effective. Offering hybrid ports as standard you can choose the type of handset you need from the range of advanced digital handsets and colour screen wireless DECT handsets. The IPLDK 20's slimline design complements existing office equipment without taking up too much valuable space.